First session !

Efffect of shutter speed

The projects

Thanks to twitter, we received more than 30 project ideas. Some┬ábasic ones (building a blog), some really challenging (3D app), some based on huge data (a website to compare price of every hotels)… We kept 2 of them.

  • Create a place to share geolocalized quality pics for advanced photographers.
  • Create a website where a closed and advanced user community can publish pictures of their travel.

  • Build a new version of
    Gamping is a website to share and rent garden place for camping. Bright idea, but build on a really ugly tech stack, and we can provide new features idea.

The place

We found a really great place for 2 days: DojoCrea invited us to their open space!

The date

Welean#1 will take place on December 14th and 15th.