Welean: the beginning


The crazy team background

At Evaneos.com, we love products, innovation, and have a strong development team.

Even if we are only 5 developers, we already manage many applications – not only the Evaneos.com frontend website. We work on the other countries : Deutsch version, Italian version and the Spanish one. We also have 40 other public websites giving tips and advises to travel around the world.
It’s far from the whole things we do. As Evaneos.com put travellers and local agents in relation, we create web tools for local agent too, and many internal apps to find, follow and help them to communicate and give the best they can to our customers. And do not forget payment app, message box tools, map tools, …

Yes, you easily understand: at Evaneos, product development is not only a tool for business. It’s a passion.


Working hard everyday is cool, really, with features, design, and tech challenges. However, we often want to do more: discovering new technical langage, test new product idea, or simply to change our job for one or two day.

So, we have this idea: what about developing a product during one week-end? As we work everyday with scrum method and the background spirit of lean, it seems to be possible.

Here we go

So? Ok, let’s go. We’re gonna dev a product in only 2 days.

Next? We need to scope the way to achieve that.
But we’ll do.

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