Welean: Session #3 announcement

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We’re happy to annouce the next coming Welean session.

It will take place in the well known 42 university on October 10th 2014, and we’ll be 13 to participate. If you wanna join, drop us a word, you’re welcome!

The projects

Project ideas have been sourced in the team. 4 of them have be selected:

  • A beer counter
    An app to remember who offer you a beer, and who you need to offer a beer back;
  • Scrum web app
    A smart, efficient and easy-to-use team scrum board;
  • Your mood playlist
    A web app suggesting you music playlists depending on your mood;
  • Pin on map
    Pin any web media on a map to remember/share beautiful places around the world (french speech presentation here);

4 products, so 4 teams of 3/4 people. If you wanna join a¬†project or if you wanna do your own in a funny and challenging atmosphere, let us know and we’ll be happy to work (have fun/drink/sing/laugh/….) with you!