Fresh new landing page


One year ago, we did a quick page to describe project. Since we put it online, concept has changed, and we are convinced the idea is great and will continue. So we have taken a moment to remasterized the homepage, trying to explain the concept and make a clear and fresh page.


In team, we don’t like bullshit. We are mostly IT people, and want a clear and clean message. Thus, we started the page with a clear subline branding “LEAN CODING WEEK-ENDS”. Then, a big, white, short sentences box.

We took time to describe the concept further, and to give an overview of past projects. However, we didn’t explain too much, as the blog answer everything else.

In fact, this landing page took less than an afternoon to dev from scratch. It will probably need small fixes – and evolution – but seems to be good enough for production. We will iterate in the next days to make it perfect ;)

You can get the whole page source code on github, release under MIT licence.