Welean Session #1: Olivier feedback


Olivier – Evaneos lead dev – share his feedback about the first Welean session :

I’ve worked on Gamping project. There is already a working version of the website. However, the technical stack was too basic to evolve and to become a commercial marketplace. Joseph, the project leader, is currently raising funds and need great technical fundations to grow up.

So, we wanted to rebuild the most existing features but on a new, clear, efficient technical stack.

Technically, we started from Silex, the Symfony base framework. We have put many improvements (YML configuration, Depency injection, …) and called it Pyrite. We work with some open source tools we have at Evaneos: our model engine, called Berthe, and our i18n translation base.

We have spend hours working on pure technical stuff, and I think it was a bit far from the Lean Startup method. However, we achieve the main user funnel: homepage, map to display available places, place details, and stuff to create/edit a place. Eveything working in many languages.

I’m proud of what we achieve, even if we spent a lot of time on pure technical problems and didn’t succedd to recode all the website features. The atmosphere was really cool (it reminds me the LAN party atmospehr), and even if I have coded 2 days in a row, it was not working for me, it was passion.

I hope next time we’ll be more to challenge higher!